A new generation of information technology service providers

An innovative company dedicated to next-generation information technology services such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and Internet of Things



Provide a public chain platform for more complex AI applications, reduce AI learning costs, help artificial intelligence companies and teams build AI models and find high-quality data, let data resources, application developers, operating platform resources and users freely publish and use The respective resource applications will build the AI application ecology onto the blockchain platform with lower technical thresholds and costs.


Internet of Things

Providing high-quality and efficient software system solutions for various fields such as Internet of Things, cloud platform, smart city and industry 4.0, focusing on building a complete supporting IoT software system consisting of “software, hardware and people”, from big data, Hardware intelligence, software humanization and other aspects to serve our customers.

Big Data

Change the way people use data, cover the core of big data technologies such as data integration, analysis, mining and visualization, effectively help users to explore and utilize data value, and provide big data value-added solutions including big data products and technical services.


Blockchain wallet

The hardware cold wallet adopts two-dimensional code communication technology, so that the private key never touches the net and securely stores the digital assets of the customer. Realize digital assets to recharge and extract assets in a fast, multi-address way, enabling signature and verification signatures and wallet encryption.


  • Custom service

    Through a comprehensive market adjustment, in-depth understanding of customer and market demand, targeted development of the application Set system and technical solutions for the region and the crowd, focus on customer requirements, and solve customer problems.

  • Exploring innovation

    On the basis of the existing technological achievements, we will continue to study and innovate in the footsteps of the development of the Internet industry.

  • professional team

    Years of comprehensive research and analysis, rich technical experience and excellent business team, core The backbone of technology comes from Tencent Huawei and so on.